What Do Stephano and Trinculo Do When They Hear Mysterious Music on the Island?

What do Stephano and Trinculo do when they hear mysterious music in The Tempest? We also explore the meaning behind this mysterious music in The Tempest, as well as what makes Stephano beat Trinculo in a fight.

What does Trinculo do on hearing the music?

Throughout the play, you will find various sounds of twangling instruments. They create different atmospheres, causing Caliban to fall sluggish and Trinculo to be scared. The music seems to be caused by many spirits that play the harps.

Trinculo is a shipwrecked group member. He hears the mysterious music, but does not know what it is. As a result, he thinks of the freak show he saw in England. So, he decides to join Caliban, hidden beneath his cloak.

Trinculo is scared by the mysterious music, as is Stephano. However, Caliban assures him that the noises are harmless. However, Trinculo fears that he’s run into some sort of monster – a fish-like creature. This leads him to hide under Caliban’s cloak, where he’s hidden from Antonio and Sebastian.

What is the purpose of music in The Tempest?

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, music plays a vital role. It brings the characters together and saves lives. In one scene, Prospero produces a masque as a wedding blessing. The song describes the happy union of Ferdinand and Miranda. It also describes a world of plenty, like the one Gonzalo envisioned.

In other scenes, music serves as a device to inform the actors and audience. For example, in scene ii, the spirit Ariel sings two songs, “Come unto these yellow sands” and “Full fathom five.” In Renaissance times, music was often associated with magic or enchantment. This is another way Shakespeare uses music to make the story seem more real.

The role of music in Shakespeare’s play depends on the dramatic import of the piece. Whether music is symbolic of redemptive grace or celestial concord, the play’s music plays an important role in the play. In the end, the music of The Tempest serves two main purposes: it creates a mood, moves the action forward, and evokes fear and awe.

What do Stephano and Trinculo argue over?

When Trinculo and Stephano hear a mysterious song, they begin arguing. They are both angry and try to get out of the situation. Stephano restrains Trinculo by beating him, and they both listen to the song. Ariel intervenes and says “thou liest!” Stephano then beats Trinculo. The two men then recite a song they have learned from Caliban.

Ariel, a woman who plays music on tabour and pipe, joins in the conversation. Trinculo is terrified, and Stephano responds by declaring that he will fight whoever is playing the music. Caliban reassures him that such sounds are often heard on the island.

The two men are both intoxicated, and Trinculo is worried about the weather. Trinculo is still nervous about the weather. But Stephano is ready to go as far as making Caliban drink. But before he can do so, he sees a strange man called Caliban, who is lying on a sandbar. The man smells like old fish and looks like he’s been struck by lightning. Stephano wants to take him to the island’s fertile lands, but Trinculo tells him he can’t.

Why does Stephano beat Trinculo?

Trinculo is a mysterious creature, which Caliban thinks is a spirit. Stephano, however, thinks it’s a monster with a head and a foot at each end. Trinculo, however, is only mad because Caliban told him to. Stephano then beats Trinculo, who later asks him to kill Caliban for being so mean to them.

In the play, Stephano and Trinculo fight because Caliban is jealous of their relationship. He doesn’t like Trinculo’s mockery of him. Trinculo gets angry when he thinks Stephano is choosing Caliban over him. As a result, he beats him. However, the real reason for the fight is unknown to Stephano. Caliban, on the other hand, wants Prospero to die so he can marry Miranda.

Trinculo is a shipwrecked member of the group. He spots Caliban, but Trinculo believes that his shape is that of a native islander struck by lightning. During the battle, Trinculo tries to take down Caliban.

Why does Ariel sing in The Tempest?

Ariel introduces her enchanting qualities to Ferdinand in Act 1, Scene 2. Her song prompts the progress of Prospero’s plot and prefigures the change in the sea that occurs at the play’s end. In this way, Ariel is an essential character in the play.

Throughout the play, Ariel is accompanied by music. As she travels the island doing Prospero’s bidding, she controls the musical landscape. She is Shakespeare’s most musical character. She has elemental powers that are tied to the natural world. Her wishes include flight, diving into fire, and riding on curled clouds.

Ariel’s actions make the other characters look silly. Ariel is playing tricks on them and wants to keep the group from committing a murder. Gonzalo, meanwhile, sees Antonio and Sebastian waving swords.

How did Stephano make it to the island?

Stephano is on the island with three men. The men are called Trinculo, Caliban, and Trinculo. Trinculo is a friend of Stephano. Caliban thinks that Trinculo is a’monster’. He wants Stephano to be his ruler. He is also planning to take Prospero’s books and his daughter. Stephano agrees to this plan.

Caliban and Stephano are plotting to get rid of Prospero. Trinculo, however, believes that Stephano is a god. They call him ‘Lord’. They have different reasons for doing this, each attempting to gain power.

Stephano is an opportunistic and self-serving character. He wants to gain power over other people and rule the island. He is boisterous and self-opinionated. He also believes everything Caliban says. The main problem with Stephano is that he is easily distracted. When he is distracted by Ariel’s beautiful clothes, he forgets to think about the plot. He also becomes too greedy.

Stephano’s plight is complicated by the fact that the island is in the water. He has forgotten to bring any belongings except the fancy clothes he is wearing. He also has a fear of being eaten by pirates. He tries to escape from the island, but Trinculo makes sure that he is not able to survive.

What is meant by twinkling instruments?

The technical term for twinkling is scintillation. The phenomenon occurs due to the passage of light through turbulent air. It is more obvious near the horizon where light rays pass through denser layers of the atmosphere. Twinkling is also referred to as “music” and “twangling” for its enchanting properties.

How did Stephano and Trinculo become so dirty?

The island is mysterious and the music sounds like magic. Stephano and Trinculo are both curious about the music and are eager to discover it. Their curiosity leads them to the secret location of Prospero. But once they find him, they find themselves completely distracted by the mysterious music. They become so obsessed with the music that Stephano and Trinculo forget to do their jobs. In addition to their curiosity, Caliban has other plans for Stephano. He wants to use him to get revenge on Prospero, so he makes the two of them help him.

The mysterious music resembles the sound of a drum. Trinculo and Stephano find this music in the island’s caves. When they first arrive, they are servants of the island. Stephano, however, learns about their power in the island.